PitchBolt Review

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PitchBolt is the world’s First Webinar & Online Presentation Platform Powered By Artificial Intelligence that will helps you design professional presentations in seconds. Now with PitchBolt, you can Host beautiful live webinars with presentations, video conferencing, interaction features, analytics and integrations, create on-demand webinars that run on autopilot, and host reliable video meetings. Not only can you do video conferencing, PitchBolt software also uses an algorithm to arrange your content without the need of human intervention.

Pitchbolt will saves time required to organize your presentation – creating slides, searching for images, finding best design and color for your project. Your  presentations are automatically generated using Pitchbolt’s AI powered slide generator to create slides from it’s beautifully designed themes and add images to each slide matching its content. You can also make adjustments usings the PitchBolt Editor tool.

Distance is no longer a barrier as you can make your presentations to thousands of people without having to travel miles. Pitchbolt events with its multiplexing feature enable you make presentations with video and audio as if you are in the same location with your audience. Viewers can ask questions in real-time without interruptions. The system will analyzes your content and makes optimized decisions in order to design your presentation slides. Pitchbolt presentations are pure html which makes the total size of presentation less than 1mb this means users will stream webinars seamlessly in realtime no matter there internet connection speed with no lag!

Pitchbolt also has an built in feature that allows you to conduct polls on real-time while presenting their projects. CEOs CMOs, & Sales Reps can now make presentations to hundreds of people about their products and services and instantly get feedback without sending questionnaires, emails or hire an agency to conduct polls. This is a very effective way to get quality feedback from target audience or prospective clients – reducing cost and time spent conducting traditional market survey.

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