Weight Loss And Diet PLR Bundle Review

Diet PLR Bundle Review With $38,999+ MRR Bonus + BIG Discount + OTOs: https://www.topproductlaunchreview.com/diet-plr-bundle-review-bonus-otos/

Diet PLR Bundle is a high quality guide wrote by expert in weight loss and diet. In this brand new guide there is a great deal of advice and tips that will help the reader make a successful transition. Diet PLR Bundle is a supreme quality, done for you Weight Loss & Diet PLR Bundle that you can sell as your ownand make money starting from today. Weight Loss & Diet market is totally ready for a powerful guide like this right now!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside Weight Loss & Diet PLR Bundle….

·         The Bulletproof Keto Diet Video Upgrade ($36 Value)

·         Ketogenic Diet 101 Video Upgrade ($43 Value)

·         The Foolproof Diet Video Upgrade ($66 Value)

·         Navigating The Paleo Diet ($18 Value)

·         The Lose Your Belly Diet Deluxe ($23 Value)

·         TLC Diet Transformation Videos ($57 Value)

·         Gluten Free Lifestyle Video Upgrade ($98 Value)

·         Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline ($20 Value)

·         50 Unrestricted Nutrition PLR Articles ($33 Value)

·         150 Unrestricted Weight Loss PLR Articles Pack ($98 Value)

·         Weight Loss Kickstart ($20 Value)

·         25 Losing Extra Pounds Articles  ($33 Value)

·         Green Smoothie Cleanse ($53 Value)

·         Healthy Eating ($47 Value)

·         Healthy Eating ebook ($23 Value)

·         Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page ($100 Value)

·         High-Quality Professional Graphics ($250 Value)

·         Promotional Email Swipes ($50 Value)

·         High Quality Video ($870 Value)

·         High Quality Ebook ($450 Value)

·         Printable Checklist ($97 Value)

·         Mindmap ($97 Value)

·         ​Ready Made Sales Letter & Thank You Page ($150 Value) 

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