MaxLeads Review

MaxLeads Review With $38,999+ MRR Bonus + BIG Discount + OTOs:

Maxleads is the all-in-one conversion tool designed with proven psychological triggers and A.I to help increase your revenue. It can help boost conversions for your products, services, and mailing list without the hassle. Max Leads allows any individual to create a number of different notifications that will help generate more customers and revenue. By tapping into the fear of missing out and scarcity, MaxLeads lets anyone boosts conversions without a lot of effort. You can show how many people are signing up for your newsletter, how many people are purchasing a product and more.. When this happens, you’ll boost conversions because of the social proof Max Leads helps provide.

With MaxLeads, You will receive access to a limited number of campaigns, notifications, notification impressions, and notification enabled. The different types of notifications included with MaxLeads are: Informational, Coupons, Live Counters, Email Collector, Latest Conversion, Conversions Counter, Countdown Collector, Social Share, Random Review, Emoji Feedback, Video, Cookie Notification, Score Feedback, Request Collector.

Here’s The Powerful Features That You’ll Get Inside MaxLeads…

MaxLeads boasts all the traffic and conversion power you’ll ever need inside one amazing platform. You’ll be able to get up and running quickly without any hassle, even if you have no technical experience.

·         The Max Leads Dashboard – When you get access to Max Leads today, you’ll first be greeted by the user friendly dashboard. There’s no guesswork involved here as the Max Leads wizard walks you through every step you need to get setup quickly. Once you’ve installed the single snippet of code on your site (they’ll show you how), it’s just a matter of creating your first notification.

·         Choose From Multiple Types of Widgets – Most other services only give you a handful of widgets that you can use for social proof notifications. But Max Leads goes above and beyond that by offering you 14 different types of widgets for different marketing needs.

·         Conversion Boosting Campaigns – All of your campaigns are easily accessible from your dashboard. You can see at a moment’s notice which ones are active and which ones aren’t. These are the very campaigns that’s been known to turn failing promotions into successful ones and even make successful campaigns explode!

·         Notification Customization Made Simple – These aren’t your normal pop ups. With Max Leads, you’ll be able to dig even further in any of the notifications you create and customize with your personal settings. Choose from a number of options and specifications to get each notification just how you want it.

·         Choose How Your Notification Triggers – If you want to make sure you don’t annoy visitors, but still convert well… then you’ll love this option. You can choose the time that the notification triggers, how often, and more.. This way, if you have repeat visitors you can still make sales without being a pain in the butt!

·         Style Your Widgets With Ease – As you’ll see below, they include 14 different types of widgets inside of the Max Leads platform. But if you want to take it a step further, you can also style how each widget look across multiple campaigns. Change colors, add images, videos, and more…

·         Get All The Data In One Place – We all want to know that what we are doing is working right? That’s why you’ll be able to see the data on every single campaign inside Max Leads. Use it for split testing ideas and even learning how your visitors act on certain days. This way you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to business decisions.

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